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#DigitalFaith - College Students' Spiritual Identities in Digital Spaces (Monterosa & Manson)

 #DigitalFaith - College Students' Spiritual Identities in Digital Spaces (Monterosa & Manson)

PhD candidates Sable Manson (University of Southern California) and 2013 HASTAC Scholar Vanessa Monterosa (California State University, Long Beach), presented their most recent work, “#DigitalFaith: College Students’ Spiritual Identities in Digital Spaces,” which examines the intersection between spirituality, digital culture, and higher education. Attendees participated in a thoughtful discussion regarding how the proliferation of and access to technology has created many alternative avenues for spiritual discovery and growth. 

Manson and Monterosa’s presentation centered on three research questions:

  1. How do the advances within digital culture impact the religious/spiritual understanding and practices of young adults?;
  2. How might the development of one’s spiritual or religious identity through digital culture impact other identities (i.e. racial/ ethnic, gender, sexual orientation)?; and
  3. How can educators support the religious and spiritual identity development of today’s college students within digital spaces?

Given how salient one’s religious/spiritual identity is to one’s overall self-concept, it is important to explore how such religious/spiritual digital spaces are supporting or hindering the personal growth of today’s college students. If colleges and universities can utilize the advances in digital culture and specific digital spaces dedicated to religious and spiritual themes, they will be able to better support students’ personal identity development.

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