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Hi There!

Hi! I'm a first-year MA/PhD in English at University of Connecticut, and I'm so happy to be a part of this community. I'm interested in the Eighteenth-Century Novel, as well as narrative non-fiction — one connection between the two being an attention to the boundaries and allowances of genre and form. In the past I've worked as a writer and editor at several publications, and those experiences have further stoked my interest in the effects of medium, genre, and aesthetics.

This is where my interest in Digital Humanities stems from. The digital world provides vast resources and an incredible number of ways to express narrative content. I'm interested in how we may be able to use digital media to manipulate content, remediate it, and produce it, and how this may affect the meaning and understanding of text. Specifically, I'm beginning to work on creating a digital map of the narrative in Laurence Stern's Tristram Shandy. I'm interested in what the narrative literally looks like — especially since Tristram plays with this idea himself, with line drawings of the trajectory of his story. I also wonder if we might discover something otherwise obscured by manipulating the form and physically re-positioning the text.

I'm also interested in geographical maps. Especially in regard to travel stories (such as Stern's Sentimental Journey or Krakauer's adventure narratives), I think there is so much potential for reading in new ways and thereby understanding in new ways. I like the attention remediation brings to form, both of the original and new translation.

Being so new to the world of Digital Scholarship, I can't wait to hear about other projects and ways to work with different media. Over the course of this year, I'm looking forward to learning a ton and getting involved in such an awesome community!


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