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Going to Geek Heaven, aka DrupalCon

Going to Geek Heaven, aka DrupalCon

I'm going to be attending DrupalCon in Portland this week to gather all the skills, knowledge, and connections that I can bring home to help support the HASTAC community.

I'm wondering if any of you will be there, too. And if not, is there anything you'd like me to check out while I'm there? Here's the schedule:

I'll also be tweeting as part of the DrupalCon Stories project, so check that out if you're interested in more of the personal experience of a first-time DrupalCon attendee who is neither developer nor end-user, using Drupal to innovate on a budget.


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Have a grat trip and thanks for tweeting any exciting new ideas you come across there.   And maybe spread the word about our RFP to update the site too.   I was astonished to learn that over 100 people have given us feedback on our usability survey for the website.  That's a community that cares.  Thanks for your leadership and vision!