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HASTAC Highlights 'Democratic Futures' DML Conference

HASTAC Highlights 'Democratic Futures' DML Conference

The Duke-based HASTAC staff is just back from the fantastic Digital Media and Learning Conference organized by our colleagues at the Digital Media and Learning Hub in Irvine. This is always an interesting and engaging event, but this year's focus on Democratic Futures: Mobilizing Voices and Remixing Youth Participation really brought many of the issues we wrestle with into focus and we were thrilled to be having these critical conversations with a unique blend of educators, activists, learners, and makers.

Below is a collection of our own live tweets from the event, but you can find much more from other attendees on Twitter. I highly recommend watching these conference videos including Ethan Zuckerman's keynote and wonderful plenaries including luminaries like danah boyd and Mark Anthony Neal.

(Make sure to click the Read more... button at the bottom to see all the tweets!)


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