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HASTAC web site showcased, now let's get even better!

HASTAC web site showcased, now let's get even better!

We were pleased to learn that the HASTAC web site was recently listed in the Drupal Showcase. We're so proud of our site, which is built on Drupal Commons - an open source platform designed for collaborative communities. In fact, one expert (Kieran Lal, a longtime leader in the Drupal community and Technical Director at Acquia, the maintainer of Drupal Commons) has used us as a case study, saying that was the largest implementation of a Commons site as an online community to date. 

Hosting an online community this big, this diverse, and this active is a challenge. We're always trying to think of how to improve the site to make sure that it is responsive to our members' needs.  We rely on feedback from you to help guide us.  In that spirit, in the coming month we'll be releasing a survey addressing the usability of the HASTAC site. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

So look for our survey in early Decemember, and feel free to share your suggestions about usability as comments here on this blog post or in our Feedback forum at any time. 


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For me, the content and blog posts of this website / platform are the most important reason to visit it. I rarely read articles without using my Clearly plugin or in Pocket, because I find the site's readability not good. I do not mean to offend anyone, but the user interface does not work for me, on many occasions I could not find a page I was looking for, or found it difficult to understand the structure of the website.