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Playing Badge Bingo at MozFest

Playing Badge Bingo at MozFest

Cathy Davidson and I are in London this weekend to particpate in the 2012 Mozilla Festival. It kicked off tonight with a Science Fair, I posted photos on Flickr.

Tomorrow as I attend sessions I will try to live-tweet and/or blog about them as much as I can. The challenge is finding time to digest and share the information while we're all immersed in this experience of intense learning and connection for 8-12 hours a day. 

Watch for tweets from me at @HASTAC, and from everyone here with the #Mozfest hashtag. Also, you can watch my progress in the conference-wide game of Badge Bingo, which is a great way to highlight the uses of digital badges and Mozilla's Open Badges Infrastructure. Here's my bingo card so far, click it to see the live version:





For fun I've explored these badges and good the 101 and Web Navigator. It is an interesting concept to recognize tasks that we need to perform before getting the symbol. Somehow it reminds me Scouts. Do you happen to know if is there any mode that I can connect my recent created Mozilla Badge Backpack with my Hastac Account ? 


Renato, there is currently no connection between and Mozilla's open badges infrasture, but I have been thinking about this topic for the past few months. We do have a few digital badges on the site now (for example, the points badge for each user, the scholar badge and DML winner badge for participants in those programs). So one question I have is whether HASTAC members would like to be able to add these (and potentially other) HASTAC Badges to their Mozilla Backpacks.

Another question is displaying badges from the Backpack on HASTAC profile pages. This is also no small task. (See the documentation. )

However, this is one the many ways that using an open source contant platform like Drupal really serves us well. There are already several people at work on an Open Badges module for Drupal, including DML Competition winner Kerri Lemoie. Her module is currently in beta and is only available for Drupal 7. ( uses Drupal 6, but we aspire to upgrade the site, possibly within the next year.)

So all of this is a long way of saying that I don't know the answer to your question, but I want to! I'd love to hear from you and others about whether and how you would like to use badges here on HASTAC.


Before participating in this website I was honestly not thinking that much about the importance of Badges. During these weeks I have monitored myself and meditate about the topic.

I think part of the importance is a "social showing off" effect. On gaming, for example, I like the idea of comparing badges and trophies with my friends. Fifa 12 and 13 (soccer game) have many achievements that award badges. Same for battefield. Some are based on competitive tasks and other in cooperative tasks. I cannot answer in which proportion having a badge represents "challenging myself" and proving that I did it, and "showing to others" that I have been awarded with something for doing it.

It will be very useful if we could think about... I don't know how to do this, so I will look someone that knows that topic, and the badge recognizes it. However, I am not sure that is what usually our primary goal. Reminds me also boy and girls scouts. I have learned a skill and I am displaying my proficiency to others. As a collective gain, I might stimulate others to see that another skill can be mastered (create awareness) and some "social incentive/pression" on doing it.

Ruby, why would you care having a badge?