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Keeping up with the HASTACers

Keeping up with the HASTACers

I was prompted by some interesting discussion about how people manage to digest the large amount of rich content in our forums to write a post about the many ways to find and track content on the site in general.  [filter block]When we launched the current version of last summer we added a variety of ways to keep up with new content. Some of them are listed in my welcome post from July 2011.  

In addition to the front page of the site which gives an overview including the 5 most recent posts and comments anywhere on the site, folks can browse by program (Scholars, Competitions), by content type (Blog posts, News, Opportunities, Events), or by topic. Visitors can then use the form in the right sidebar of most pages to find and filter the content further (see right).

E-mail updates also go out to members of any group to which content is posted, and members can also subscribe to specific authors or content types on the site. There are links to do this in context, for example at the end of any post (above the comments) you will find links to subscribe to comments on that post, posts of the same type, and posts by the same author. There are more subscriptions available, they can be found along with tools to manage and remove subsriptions at My Profile > Edit Profile > Notifications (see below).

So, for example in our current HASTAC Scholars Forum, there are some specific links that members can use to subscribe to get updated when others respond to the forum ("This post"), all forums on the site ("Posts of type Forum Thread"), or content posted by the official HASTAC Scholars Program account ("Posts by HASTAC Scholars"). Users can choose the frequency of updates, and whether to receive them by email or in the inbox (My Profile > Messages).

Finally, we also have a number of RSS feeds that you can follow via e-mail or the reader of your choice. The most popular ones are listed under the Subscriptions link at the top of the page. 

I hope this is helpful. I love to see how people use the site, and am very interested in how we can adjust things to better suit people's needs. As always, suggestions are welcome in our Feedback forum.


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