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Kicked off

Kicked off

I have been hearing reports and experiencing first-hand an issue with the site right now that is logging users out of the site unexpectedly. This is inconvenient for everone, but is especially problematic when it happens to people in the middle of writing the Most Brilliant Blog Post Ever when they open a new window to look something up and return to find their tome has been lost! Our web site developer is currently looking into this, and you can help. If you have experienced this issue, please add a comment in our feedback forum with details about where and when it happened so that we can determine if there are any patterns.

In the meantime, I highly recommend copying your text periodically while composing just to be on the safe side and try swicthing browsers if you get kicked off. 

I appreciate all of your engagement with the site, and especially your patience when it is not as easy as it should be to use it. Thanks!

Here's how this looks if it happens to you:

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FWIW I think the effort you made with the email explanation is evidence of something important. Is what makes networks "social", nae? :-)

Also FWIW: I think the absence of that sensibility dulls us in ways that are very hard to measure or even show.