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Two weeks in - how are we doing?

Two weeks in - how are we doing?

The new HASTAC site has been up for just over two weeks. Now that we see it under busy conditions in it's natural habitat, we're very pleased to see being used in many of the ways that we had envisioned, and also in a few ways that we couldn't have imagined. I'm personally thrilled to see so many members starting their own groups for discussion and collaboration.  However, we're also disappointed with the amount of time it takes to load most pages on the site. This is one of the drawbacks of being on the cutting edge, as we are currently pushing Drupal Commons (our platform) to its limits in some ways. This performance issue is a serious problem, and I am actively working on it with our developers.

The more HASTAC members use the site, the more we all get ideas for way to make the experience even better. We really want to hear your thoughts, which is why we added the new Feedback forum for members. Clicking the Feedback tab at the bottom of every page of the site will bring up a list of popular suggestions and a form to easily add your own. Some of the member suggestions have already been implemented, some will have to wait until we have more time to evaluate and develop them.

In many ways, can be considered to be in perpetual beta, as the site will always be a work in progress - that's by design. I consider this to be part of walking the talk of digital innovation and collaboration. We are very fortunate to have a large community of over 6,000 HASTAC members who get this, and are happy to participate in the experiment along with us. Thanks again for all your contributions to the site. Whether it's content or complaints, all of it makes the community stronger so bring it on!


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