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Using social networks to promote your cause

This week I had the pleasure of leading a webinar for the winners of the Digital Media and Learning Competition. The focus was how to harness the power of social networks and social media to advance your project, your issues, or your constituents.

The presentation is posted here and I'll add a few thoughts below on how it went.

Although I have done countless presentations, both online and in-person, Murphy's Law always prevails. A few things could go wrong, and they did: some callers didn't have the link for the visuals, the phone line was echo-y, and the presentation was trying to run itself with slides advancing every 15 seconds! (That last part was my own fault, I figured out later.)  But even with these obstacles, we had a good session with fantastic conversation both on the phone and through a chat room embedded in the webinar software. (We used SharePlus from, another experiment.)

I hope the DML winners will continue the conversation here on, either in the comments below on iin their own blog entries.  Cathy has already posted some really interesting reflections on the "why" of this work. I'd love to know what you thought, any new ideas or questions that arose, and also any simple suggestions to make this presentation better in the future.  Thank you for participating!


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