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A new way to keep up with HASTAC

I want to let folks know about a new page we added to the site this week that shows new and updated content as well as recently added comments and replies. If you register on the site, it will automatically show you what's new since your previous visit. You can find a link to the Latest content under your My HASTAC menu when you are logged in, or just visit

We're still working on restoring (and adding to) the site's feeds for people who like to stay updated through RSS aggregators, and may also add e-mail updates in the future.


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Hey!  I didn't even know about this new feature.  I love it.  When we start working on the next stage of interfaces, we should play this up.  For those of us who are HASTAC recidivists, this is terrific.   And it is a little awe-inspiring to go to this feature and see how much content is being added every day.  Great work, Ruby.