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FSDW14: Cooperative "Get Work Done" Event

This is my first year participating in the FSDW and it was wonderful. First, and probably foremost, the event provided me the opportunity to continue tinkering on a project; however, because I could submit a project in a half-baked form, I did not feel the pressure to complete a full, polished draft. Any event that helps me to continue moving forward on writing projects is a good thing. 

Second and third, I want to thank my active group members (Linda, Amber, & Summer) for sharing such interesting projects and insights from their own work. As with any good academic discussion, their projects got my excited to go read and/or view other texts as well as got me thinking more deeply about different topics. The cover letters were very helpful in guiding feedback so that I knew were I could provide the most help.

I also want to thank my group for providing me with wonderful feedback. Since my project is still in the developing phase, I benefited a lot from "I like...continue persuing here" and "I'm confused...what do you mean by ____?" comments.

I was not active in the social media outlets during the week; however, I look forward to skimming some of the archives to learn from the larger group. I look forward to participating again next year. 

Thanks to the organizers and other event facilitators for all their hard work! 


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