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Introducing...Shelley Rodrigo

Introducing...Shelley Rodrigo

Hello Everyone! I'm very excited about participating in FSDW this year; although, I'm also concerned because I'm no where near ready to submit something for reading. We'll see what gets sent out in two weeks. 

I'm currently an Assistant Professor in English at Old Dominion University. My scholarly identity has very much settled in as a digital compositionist. What I am sharing for this event is what started out as a feminist (new) media studies theoretical project and is morphing into a feminist pedagogy project that uses feminist media theories. 

I look forward to learning from everyone else! 



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Hello Shelley,
We’re excited to have you join us for #FSDW14! 
Feel free to share a super rough draft, outline, overview, etc. Last year one of my group members shared only an outline for a project and we were still able to offer her helpful, productive feedback. :)
Lori Beth