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Real Time Archiving

The Homestead is currently working on the construction of a New Cabin (tentatively named Cabin 6).  This cabin is meant to house 9 people, and represents one of the most substantial changes in the Homestead’s layout since 1977.  There is an enormous amount of information being generated by a multitude of parties, most of which is valuable to the Homestead archive.  One of the largest tasks involved with the archiving of this new information is how to make it immediately accessible and useful during the Cabin’s design and construction process, but also to make it useful to people down the line as archival information about the Homestead. 

This scenario has made me think more about he controlled vocabulary I use when archiving the documents.    All the controlled vocabulary has to be relevant to outside observers, and not just to people like me who are incredibly involved in the process.  So far things are going well, but I can only imagine things getting more complicated after we alert the Homestead Alums of the changes, and they too start using the DRC archive. 



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