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Kardashian Archetypes

Kardashian Archetypes

Reshma Bissesar

Professor Hilarie Ashton

English 110

 19 November 2015

               Young people everywhere idolize the Kardashian family. The entire Kardashian family is known generally for being a group of celebrity. The late Robert Kardashian Sr. gained fame by being OJ Simpson’s lawyer. Kris Jenner is famous for being a publicist and being Rob Kardashian’s wife. Kourtney, the oldest Kardashian sister is a celebrity because she was on reality TV contest game show, and she started a clothing line with her sisters. Kim Kardashian is a celebrity because she was a model, and she dated a few other celebrities with a few scandalous events; she married a famous music producer, then an athlete, now she is married to a famous artist, Kanye West, who plans to run for president. Khloé Kardashian is a celebrity because she was Kim’s sister, and she was a part of the famous D-A-S-H clothing line ran by the Kardashian sisters. Robert Kardashian Jr. is a celebrity because he is a Kardashian, and he dated other celebrities such as Adrienne Bailon. Kris Jenner’s second husband was athlete Bruce Jenner, making the family of celebrities gain even more fame. Recently, Bruce Jenner went through a sex change and is now a woman. The two children of the marriage between Kris and Bruce, Kendall and Kylie are famous by association and gained opportunities to model. With this entire going on in one family, the whole family is practically celebrities of different sorts. The net worth of the Kardashian Empire is about 207 million dollars (this year alone).

                     The dictionary definition of a celebrity is a person who is well known and famous. The definition of fame is to be known by many people. There are so many different types of celebrities such as religious people, like the Pope, or Sai Baba. There are people that are celebrities because of how much money they have, like Donald Trump. There are people that are famous because of talent, such as athletes, singers, models and actors such as Beyonce. There are people that are famous for their actions; such as Malcolm X. Being a celebrity is not necessarily a good thing. Every person who is a celebrity craves fame. Being a celebrity can be a negative thing as well. Some people are celebrities because committing a crime or scandalous behaviors while having a celebrity title such as O.J. Simpson. Being celebrity also can mean being famous by association.

                    Being a celebrity also means that you need to maintain society’s idea of perfection. I think this is the most complex part of being a celebrity is that they have to live up to everyone’s standards but their own. Being a celebrity means that you have to give up all your privacy. Without privacy, there is no possible way you will have freedom. Being a celebrity means that you have no personal life because you live in the public. My theory is that the Kardashian-Jenner Empire is an example of most types of celebrities portrayed by media, every archetype is present in that Empire, but people mistake what is portrayed in the media for what the actual reality of a celebrities life is truly.

                 An insight into the real lives of the Kardashians is shown through an article written by Judith Newman and Leslie Bruce titled “One Mom, Six Kids, A Reality Empire”. Newman and Bruce write “Since their arrival on E! In 2007, thanks to such no-boundaries behavior, the tightknit family has ably defied the laws of 15-minute reality TV fame while building a wildly profitable empire.” This article shows what their reality show shows society. It takes real things from Kris Jenner’s life and the authors put it into a real life perspective rather than what is put together by producers and directors. Majority of this article is real things that are taken from Kris Jenner’s life. It supports my theory by showing a timeline that shows how the Kardashian Empire started and evolved into what it is today. The Queen, Kris Jenner’s inspirations and who really made her set her goals that made her accomplish what she has for her family are s. This article shows how the Kardashian’s empire is run like a business, and they are all truly entrepreneurs.

                  A different type of a celebrity is a modest celebrity, unlike the typical Kardashian Celebrity. A modest celebrity is very rare, and the article “The Drawbacks of a Modest Celebrity” shows the experience. This shows the actual experiences of a modest celebrity which it totally different from the typical celebrity. Joan Raymond writes, “I figured she was a huge fan of my music and answered yes, with as much false modesty as I could muster.”  This quotation shows that society generally doesn’t react to celebrities that don’t fit the Kardashian archetypes, but if they do react to them, it will be a negative reaction. My claim says Kardashian-Celebrities and that celebrities have archetypes just like characters in a fiction book. This article’s author is written from the perspective of a modest celebrity instead of a typical-Kardashian celebrity. This support my claims made in my paper because it shows how the opposite of my claim is invalidated by the actual truth by someone who isn’t a typical celebrity.

                 The actual reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a very significant source because it is where I got most of my opinions to make my claim and formulate a theory about celebrities. This TV reality show shows what every normal human being in today’s society intakes from the show. People, who want the celebrity dream, try hard to achieve examples similar to the ones in the Kardashian Empire. This show gave me the foundation of my idea of a celebrity. The show is supposed to be about the everyday life of the Kardashian sisters and how they live their high-class life. The show often shows photo shoots and events the family attends. It also shows the high-class lifestyle they live and dramatic things that happen just because they’re celebrities for example, this past season the sister's had a stalker that sent them twenty pizzas. This show only shows what they want the producers or directors want the audience to know about the family. They keep up a certain image for media, and for regular people to see how different celebrity life is compared to an average American life.

               The article “Reality TV” by David Silverman supports my claims made about reality TV and the effect it has on people because it proves that it has a negative impact on society. Society will believe anything that is in the media. People use reality TV shows that are shown on what are supposed to be non-fiction channels to build their perspective on real life. Those non-fiction channels are not truly non-fiction and they are mostly staged sets that just trick people into believing that are what real life is. This article also shows how celebrities, or people who are famous don’t necessarily need talent, but they need to know how the real world works. They also need to be able to run a stressful business and work well under pressure.

            “Why Today's Definition of a Celebrity Needs A Facelift” is an accurate representation of my Kardashian-Celebrity Empire theory because it addresses what most society gets from today’s celebrities. The point of view of this article demonstrates what majority of society thinks of most celebrities, including the Kardashians. This article shows the negative impact that celebrities have on people. Celebrities are all categorized as one now just because they all share the fact that they have fame. The author’s point of view in this article shows that society only truly cares about the amount of fame a person has; society doesn’t care about how a celebrity achieved their fame. The article says that we almost naturally put Snooki, a reality TV show star, and Beyonce, a singer that worked her way up the ladder of fame in the same category.

                   Being a celebrity is not totally about what you know, what talents you have or things like that. The people you know, and people you associate yourself play a huge role in what kind of celebrity you are. Celebrities in general make a lot of money. People want to be celebrities mainly because the benefits are pretty good. I personally do not think that giving up all my life for money and luxury is worth it. Society looks up to celebrities but they also judge celebrities. People also forget that celebrities are just normal people with money and fame. Celebrities are also celebrities because of their association in media. So in general, my personal definition of a celebrity is someone who has fame, talent, social status and money.








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