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Introduction: Digitizing the Regicide, Mapping Sweeney Todd

This is my second year as a HASTAC Scholar. Last year, I found HASTAC incredibly rewarding, an experience for which I thank Fiona, my fellow scholars, and especially my mentor Prof. Joyce Rudinsky (UNC-Chapel Hill.) Now, with a new mentor (Prof. Dan Anderson, UNC-Chapel Hill), I am ready to start my final scholarship.

It's my final scholarship because I have defended my PhD, The Vanishing Voyaer and the Emerging Outsider, 1818-1930, and will graduate in May. My goals for this year are to keep contributing to the Mapping Forum, keep teaching Visualization as part of my Composition course (with the vital resources of RenCI at UNC-Chapel Hill), and finish my OMEKA NeatLine map of Sweeney Todd's London as depicted in texts from 1846-53. I'm also editing Mary Russell Mitford's banned play Charles I (1824) for the Digital Mitford. That should take longer than an academic year.

I am writing job applications now, and will be online more when I'm done.

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