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Coding in the classroom (thank you, Elliott Hauser)

I can't agree more with Elliott's proposal that the skills that digital creatives are expected to learn as part of CS should be required for humanists. I graduated from university in 2000. Several of my friends were CS majors or minors. On a daily basis I find myself in situations as part of my research, teaching or admin in which the skills they learned would be useful, and it's a disadvantage not to have them. I have tried to keep up by teaching myself HTML and various software packages learning them in part-time employment. They belong in the humanities classroom. By introducing my composition students to the experimental computing resources at RenCI-UNC, I am trying to partly bridge the gap that was not bridged for me -- by familiarizing them with new and exciting digital research and teaching support systems.





Let's bridge this gap!  I've set up an open Google group to share resources and collaborate on this:!forum/computational-core


For those of us in the Triange region of NC, there will certianly be more in-person opportunities to collaborate as well.




glad to hear this, Elliott.