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Welcome to the Veldt... well, the Social Computing Room.

Welcome to the Veldt... well, the Social Computing Room.

Like Ray Bradbury's interactive, panoramic "veldt," the Social Computing Room at the Renaissance Computing Institute (RenCI's) facility at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is an immersive, interactive space for research, communication, and learning. Check out what my students did there last year. Unlike the child protagonists of the Veldt, they did NOT feed their parents to the lions. Nor to the computers.



Great to meet you too. sorry that I had to miss the coding in the classroom seminar. thanks for telling me about it.


... because I'm actually working on something related to "Veldt" - but taking a more communication history/cultural studies angle!  I'm writing a paper about what Bradbury's story (interestingly alternatively titled, "The World The Children Made") means in relation to dominant discourses about parent-child interactions with new media - about the "new" media of TV during the time of Bradbury's writing, but also projecing into 1950s conceptions of the future AR/immersive media.

Best, Meryl



That does sound exciting. "The world children MADE." So they take a technology that's intended to keep them passive and they use it to create (in a way that destroys their parents)? Is that a variation on the Prometheus myth?

Your project sounds fascinating. It reminds me a bit of the anthology THE SOCIOLOGY OF THE POSSIBLE - famous SF stories with sociology discussion questions for each.

Please definitely keep updating this.





Looks like you're doing some great stuff!  It was nice to meet you at THATCamp- even better to see you again here on HASTAC :)


There's actually an event at UNC tomorrow night I think you might be interested in, and would be a great forum to discuss your work here.  It's called Code in the Classroom and will be a panel discussion featuring three faculty members.  We should have gotten you on that panel!

More details here.