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DML 2010 update: New LBP level

Now that the PlayStation Network has returned from the dead, my most recent LittleBigPlanet/DML level is up and ready to add to your queue.  It's a versus level called "Periodic Table Quiz" that's designed to test your knowledge of the elements and their chemical symbols.


Chemistry nerds may notice the absence of the La and Ac series.  Long story short, the game imploded when I tried to include them because there was too much stuff to draw in such a short space.

Queue it up at


While your there, why not add my fellow DML 2010 winners Team KAIZEN's Discovery Pier levels to your queue:  It's pretty awesome (too).


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Thanks for the direct link, I've now queued up your level as well as Team KAIZEN's for whenever I play LBP again. Maybe after the new HASTAC web site launches. ;-)

I'm on LBP by the way. I don't play much, but I'm a social network/identity junkie so had to fill out a profile anyway.