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Greetings & salutations...

Hello all and apologies for the delayed introduction.  My name is Ryan Champagne and here is swift introduction:

As a first year PhD student, I am interested in further exploring the areas of interest that prompted me to pursue a doctoral degree: interdisciplinary collaboration, changing practices in scholarly communication, and multimodal representations of research work/new modalities.  I look forward to exploring new areas of study and am doing this through coursework in information behaviors and theories of information and knowledge production.  I look forward to exposure to new (to me) areas of study and hope to pursue coursework in organizational structures and behaviors, qualitative research methods (interview techniques and ethnographies).  Beyond that, I look forward to encountering new ideas and areas of interest through my involvement in the HASTAC scholars program.


In my free time I enjoy record shopping, farmers markets, cooking and visiting museums. 


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