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Sentimental for Castle Elsinore

So a pretty cool idea (in my opinion) struck me today while considering sentiment analysis and Shakespeare, and of course now I have to do it.  The idea is this: perform sentiment analysis of exchanges in Hamlet between Hamlet and other characters.  Then, instead of visualizing with a Fourier transformation or something similar, plot each interaction as a node over a floor plan of Elsinore according to where the exchange occurred, color coded according to each interaction's sentiment value.  What should result is a network of sentiment, showing how Hamlet's emotion flows through his court, transforming the castle to a living place of sorts.  This then opens up plenty of other lines of inquiry, depending on the results.  You could connect the nodes according to chronology, turn them into a heat map, examine his exchanges with just one character, etc.  Basically, I'm looking for suggestion for how to do this.  I've got the sentiment analysis down, but am not sure where to turn to create the overlay for the plan of Elsinore.  Do I go the GIS route? Network analysis? Any specific programs that come to mind? Any suggestions are very welcome.  Thanks friends, I'll keep you posted.



Do you know Moretti's mapping of character exchange in Hamlet? Very similar to your idea, minus the floor plan and sentiment data. But a lot to be learned from the way he did it.


Hi Peter,

Yes, I remember Moretti's mapping from last semester's readings; it was his work that largely inspired this project!  I think I'm looking to take that and essentially add a few more layers of data (the sentiment and location data), with the goal of then taking my findings back to critical theories of physical bodies and spaces.  Right now I'm messing around with Mapbox, but am still figuring out how to get my sentiment data visualized as points on a map of the castle.