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Hello everyone


I would have posted "hello world" but I see that has already been taken :-). I'm clearly in good company.

As a quick hello, I'm Rebecca Hogue, a PhD Candidate at the University of Ottawa, in Ottawa Canada - however, I am in the middle of a relocation to San Jose California. I am feeling a little like someone with a split identity, living two lives. 

In my academic life, I'm finishing a PhD in Education. My research is in flux at the moment, caught up in the buraucracy that is ethics approval. 

In my other life, I am an instrucational designer / developer. Lately, I've been doing more work on the development side - more web programming and Articulate Storyline programming while a colleague does the instructional design. I'm finding this interesting, as she challenges me to build things that I otherwise would not have - making for a better educational product in the end. My big development project in 2012 was programming the website which is now hosted at In one of my current projects, I'm hoping to integrate Open Badges into a couple of eLearning courses that I'm programming.

I think that I will evolve into someone that does innovation and evaluation as research, using educational design research as the approach.




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