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Digital badges and professional development

First I will apologize if I'm using the wrong method for posting a question. I'm still trying to figure out the HASTAC website.

I have a project, in which I am creating eLearning content for physicians. In this project, we are not using an LMS, rather, we are looking at alternatives for providing acknowledgement of completion of the course content. The courses will be publically available to anyone who wished to complete them. I would like to look at integrating digital badges into the system, so that when a learner completes a course assessment successfully, they receive a badge in recognition of their accomplishment.

I'm wondering which open badge ecosystem I should be looking at? If this project is a success, it may become an example of how to use open digital badges for Continuing Medical Education accreditation - that at least is the end goal. I see great potential in this little project - if it doesn't turn out to be too complicated to implement. 

Any and all advice is appreciated.




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There is a lot of interest in using badges for professional develoment and continuing education, and your project sounds interesting. Among the DML Badges projects we have, the one that YALSA is doing probably has the most overlap (although they are integrating their badges with an LMS). YALSA is the professional organization for teen librarians, and their badge system involves 7 competencies that learners must work through.  There is also a "professional development" tag in the topic for Badges for Lifelong Learning tool HASTAC curates that might be useful. 

I also highly recommend joining the Open Badges Google group and asking the wider badges community for input, and join one of the weekly calls. It's a very inviting, welcoming community and a good place to get feedback about your ideas.