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Hello HASTAC Community!

I am so pleased to introduce myself as a new member of this vibrant community! As your current HASTAC Scholars Coordinator, it is my goal to be an open resource to anyone interested in becoming and staying involved with any HASTAC related opportunities. To kickoff the start of Fall, I'd like to remind everyone to apply for this year's HASTAC Scholars Cohort, application here, due this Oct 15th. Becoming a scholar is a wonderful opportunity to pursue individual research under the mentorship and guidance of a wonderfully dedicated network of students, faculty, and more within the HASTAC community. Please review the details of our application process in the link provided, and feel free to reach out to me regarding any further questions about the program. 

A little bit about myself: I am a recent graduate of Smith College and proud Alumnae of LaGuardia Community College. I've worked with community college across the nation, and am passionate about serving the needs of students from 1st generation college students from nontraditional backgrounds. As a scholar rooted in the humanities, my work demonstrates a strong interdisciplinary background, integrating innovative pedagogies of education including the usage of technology and game-based projects in the classroom. I've previously managed the Smith College Video Game Research Lab through which I mentored students in creating their own video game projects, and collaboratively created games which reflects the needs of students of color in higher education settings. Through the use of digital platforms, I believe students can become empowered to forge their own identities in higher education settings.

Entering my first semester at the Graduate Center, it has been incredibly grounding to have been exposed to the work at the Futures Initiative during the beginning of my graduate student career. Their mission is greatly aligned with my goals and the promise of higher education to be an equitable platform for students of all backgrounds to have a voice. I am proud and grateful to be a part of this community, and and I look forward to learning more from you all.  




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