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Crap Detection on the Internet

I found this website " The Technorati Soap Box"-

There was a blog post by a UCLA student claiming the cure for cancer has been found. My crap detector went off when I saw it was posted over a year ago, by a student, who isn't even a medican student. It is a highly opinionated blog, without direct quotes. about where she found her information, only claims such as why it isn't available.

 The author wrote "Also because of the fact that it can't be patented, it's hard to make a large profit off of it."  Which is another opinion, not backed up by any figures or facts. The author also said " It will be difficult going against a a major lobbyist business interest such as the pharmaceutical industry who have their hands deep in politicians' pockets, but the more the public becomes aware of this great discovery " Another opinion about why the government wont allow the public access to the "cure for cancer."

When I cross references SNOPES.COM they had an article with the findings from researchers from the University of Alberta, and the compound is dichloroacetate, which kills cancer cells, but leaves the healthy cells. SNOPES stated that pharmeceutical companies aren't investing money because the compound cannot be patented. The website also warns on cancer scams such as these.

I also put the website address into SELF SEO website and it said it couldnt find the website address for the original claim stating Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, a professor at the U of A Department of Medicine found these findings. The website is very basic, and doesn't provide any case study information.


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