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My research: digital media and learning, video analysis, community informatics


I'm a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona in Language, Reading, and Culture. I am interested in relationships between technology, interaction, and learning, especially among immigrant youth. I have a background in linguistic anthropology, symbolic interactionism, critical theory, and computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL, a subset of Learning Sciences). My dissertation is on the intersection of face to face and digitally mediated collaboration in learning settings, specifically a 6th grade predominantly Latino, low-income 1:1 latop classroom. I've collected 100+ video hours of teacher-student, student-student, and student-computer interaction, mainly through student webcams and screencasts. I am analyzing the data through an ethnomethodological framework guided by CSCL, Digital Media and Learning, and Science and Technology Studies (STS). While my research focuses on micro-ethnographic video analysis, it extends outward to community literacy action research in impoverished urban areas. I currently coordinate research and write grants for the Tucson Literacy Zone, a concerted effort to increase literacy opportunities in two low-income Tucson neighborhoods.
This is actually my second year as a HASTAC Scholar, but I was so busy/lost collecting my dissertation data I didn't participate much. However, now that I'm writing my dissertation, publications, and research grants I hope to contribute much more, especially in this blog. Hopefully, in addition to helping move my own writing forward, I will contribute something to the community and connect with like-minded scholars. My main professional goal right now is funding a postdoc for 2013-14 so I can stick around here (University of Arizona) while my wife finishes up her PhD and we can go on the job market together next year. So I'm very open to joining any projects or grantwriting that would facilitate this.
I will follow this post up with a more detailed one on my dissertation. I've also been writing/thinking lately about expanding Gibson's notion of affordances and material-semiotic (sociomaterial) approaches to understanding digital literacies. In the mean time, find more from me here: or



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