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Here for a Long Time: Noise, Noise, Noise

Since my last blog post I have ran into many unpredicted issues. However, this is indicative of every project. No plan goes as one idealizes. I realize that this project will take much more time than I have given it. So far I have downloaded 123D Catch for desktop. The software stitches together photos of an object to create a 3D model. I am using it to stitch together the photos I took of each headstone at the Deux Rivieres cemetery. This is what my first rendition looked like.

Not so smooth. I attempted to stitch it together manually but it was too time consuming. I met with my research advisor, Dr. Shawn Graham, and we discussed what I could do for the project. He suggested I create a website to host my research and my work. I could incorporate Omeka and Wordpress. So I created a website Good, now something was accomplished. It is bare right now, but I am laying more framework, the msot essential part of any process. I then added the 123D Catch Chrome app. However, this was what the first revision of the above picture looked like.

In the words of Borat, "What is even this?" Okay, so not so good. I tried to put others together. Here is my progress (the Xs mean it didn't work, and the checks mean it was able to render some Frankenstein-esque 3D model).

I am confident though. I am going to turn back to the desktop version and try to manually stitch together each photo set. My worry is that I did not take sufficient photos for the work. I may have to return on a sunny summer day. But I won't speak too soon.


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