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New Arbitrage Opportunities for Image Search: Metaphors, Game Metadata, Common Sense

This article ( describes a new opportunity for image search and retrieval by leveraging emergent image retrieval paradigm methodologies (Google Image Labeler/Human Computation) with new interface search possibilities (CoolIris) for the next stage of image search.  I'm also including a link to an earlier unpublished draft below that includes more images that didn't make it into the final version for those more visually oriented folks here.  Also, this was recently published in the June/July 2009 Bulletin of the American Society of Information Science and Technology devoted almost entirely to Visual Representation, Image Search and Retrieval and containing a wider range of interesting articles regarding images, digital video and current challenges and topics in information visualization.



Thanks for posting this. It's a great article about a terrific interface. Sometime, for HASTAC'ers who may not understand what they can do with it, it would be fantastic if you just wrote a brief post about the possible kinds of uses someone might make of CoolIris. Congratulations!


Thanks Kathy and I very much appreciate the comment.