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A View From the Floor

I took a quick tour of the floor of the exhibition hall of all winning projects, where last year's winners were explaining their projects a year after receiving funding. Many looked very cool, and seemed to have accomplised alot since last year. I hope that some or all of the projects go on to have a dramatic impact on the world and help make the world more just and more equitable.



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Cathy, as you can tell, my fingers were flying, so I've amended and corrected accordingly and thank you SOOO much for the heads up, and do let me know if I've left anyone OUT!

Congrats again to all, and I'll be doing more follow up on this soon,
as it's also given me a good idea to do a 'where are they now' piece
looking back at your winners from prior years! (e.g. Virtual Peace,
RezEd, etc. all doing fabulous work)

The good news also is, when I look at who was in the contention for some of the ones I highlighted prior, it reminds me of the STEEP competition and plethora of positive media ideas out there (so soothes the 'always the bridesmaid never the bride' wound a bit too! ;-)

Just like making the semi-finals for Echoing Green last year, I can't help but feel honored to just be a part of it all with great minds out there doing good things. Thanks again.