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Howard Rheingold on Being Physical

As Howard was giving his presentation, he made a comment about why classes have to meet every Tuesday at 3PM, if they could teach the class online. I wanted to see what he thought about having physical meetings, and what is in my opinion, the power of social media - the ability to connect with people online and then get together physically. I was surprised, and excited about his answer. Check it out in the video below. If you don't know who Howard is, you should. 

Howard Rheingold is a recipient of a Digital Media and LearningCompetition ?Knowledge-Networking? award for his Social MediaClassroom. He teaches Participatory Media/Collective Action at theUniversity of California-Berkeley's School of Information, and DigitalJournalism at Stanford University.  Widely acclaimed as a prescientforecaster of the always-on era, he is the author of many books,including Tools for Thought (1984), Virtual Reality (1991), and SmartMobs (2002).  He works, writes, teaches, and consults on all aspects ofvirtual communities, with the Cooperation Commons serving as the siteof his ongoing investigation of cooperation and collective action. 


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This is very interesting. Rheingold likes the F2F human interaction for pedagogical purposes, but realizes that there are students who want to learn but cannot go to a classroom. This is in agreement with my experience teaching technical communication both OL and F2F at my university.