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Day Two of the DML Winners Presentation

After a full day yesterday of talks, presentations, breakout sessions, and even a laptop orchestra performance, day two kicks of with even more excitement in the air. The crowd is even more comfortable with each other, and even friendlier after spending most of the day and night together. When MacArthur said ?welcome to the family,? I wasn?t entirely convinced. After spending just one day with their staff and their grantees, I know exactly what they mean.

Connie Yowell is speaking now about participatory learning and how the new winners fit in with the goals of the grants and how the ideas and people on the edge, ?We have to think about how we are showing impact, and that will be very different in the 21st century. ?

I?ve been overly impressed with the MacArthur staff and many of the projects who have won awards. Yowell is really impressive through her ability to talk about the needs and challenges of education. She said, ?We think that as a society, we are at a time of dramatic change. We see what is happening to the newspapers, we see what is happening to our economic models. It is time to create a new model for learning a new vision.?

She gave the example of a friend, who was worried about her daughter, because she was spending a lot of time by herself, and not being social with friends. She asked us what we thought was keeping this young lady from friends, and most people shouted out Facebook. Turns out, the little girl was reading books, and addicted to reading novels. Connie argued that, ?learning is addictive. Learning is a phenomenon.?

I?m going to try to catch up with Connie later today and post a short video.


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