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The Internet has become an essential tool in our everyday life and it has change the way we interact with each other, our surroundings and most important the way we learn. Many theorists of the education system, like Ivan Ilich, have argue this system is no longer viable because it constrains the students to what they can really do and achieve. We also have to take into account the ideas that Sir Ben Robinson proposes (, that the educational system that is being implemented right now doesn’t let kids be creative and instead builds them to function in an industrial society.

            In the next blog entries I would like to discuss how the Internet has change the way we learn, what is random learning, the advantages and disadvantages that the Internet represents in the way we interact with our world and learn.

            I also will be discussing the project I’m currently working on, which consist on creating a series of small videos that will go through the history anthropology and its concepts. This project will be done the on a web-based timeline software ( that will offer the user to follow a lineal progress through the videos or to select the videos randomly to the user needs.


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