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Missing Maine: The Challenges of Leaving Campus Early

Annie Tock Morrisette, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maine

For this Khronikos post, I've been asked to talk about some of the challenges of being an off-campus grad student. Of course, we all have a lot more going on in our lives than grad school, and there are many compelling reasons for some of us to leave the nest early. Some folks leave to do research, and others are lucky enough to find a good job before completing the dissertation. Others find that family and financial obligations outweigh the advantages of remaining within striking distance of the home university. In any case, being a distance student is tough, but there are ways to stay connected and keep progressing toward that swanky regalia we're all gunning for! Below are some ideas for handling distance-related inconveniences, but this post is mostly intended to encourage grad students to appreciate their time on campus. Read More.


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