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Peace — Fourth of July 2013

Peace — Fourth of July 2013

After four long years of war, the July 8, 1865 edition of Harper’s Weekly marked the first fourth of July since the outbreak of hostilities between North and South. The cover image titled “Peace — Fourth of July 1865″ is a woodcut engraving portraying an Angel (Peace) escorting Civil War soldiers home, as evidenced by the soldiers reunited with loved ones in the foreground. The returning soldiers appear as comrades, with arms linked and there are few clues to identify them as Union or Confederate. Peace carries both a olive branch and a sheaf of wheat. The sheaf of wheat and the soldier in the right foreground with a cow suggest the nation’s renewed purpose: four long years of struggle have ended and the nation looks toward rebuilding. The plow takes the place of the rifle, the citizen soldier returns to the farm.

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