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Rachael Sullivan FSDW intro

Hi everyone. I'm Rachael Sullivan, just finishing up my Ph.D. in English (media studies focus) at UW-Milwaukee. Defending Tuesday -- yikes! Also just finished the first year of my job as assistant professor in the Communication and Digital Media department at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.
I'm interested in feminist histories of computing, internet culture, creativity in networked spaces, user interface design, and electronic literature. This is my first year participating in FSDW, and I'll be working on revising the last (and most frazzled) chapter of my dissertation for the purpose of submitting it to a book chapter CFP in August.
I'm delaing with a lot of issues that might be familiar to many of you here -- how to take a small piece of a larger project and contextualize it as a stand-alone essay, how to choose examples that will be most convincing for specific audiences, how to make a strong and clear argument -- and not be afraid to take a stand!
Looking forward to next week!


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