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So you think you know?

Developing Race Card I.Q. has been an interesting journey, when I first began talking about the concept of Race Card I.Q. to my associates, the reaction was different with every ethnic group.

  • Asian: Their reaction was controlled and to the point, I expected that reaction.  They understood the project with little input from me. I was reminded for this project to succeed, I must do my part to involve all ethnic groups.
  • African American:  In nearly every case I was asked to meet behind closed doors to discuss the nature of the project. I was given cautionary praise for the concept at the same time asked to confirm the anonymity of the sites users – fear is alive and well.
  • Jewish: They totally got it, I wasn’t surprised.
  • Caucasian: 60% was cautiously interested in the concept and the remaining 40% thought the concept would force a reality on those not yet prepared.

"The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off" - Gloria Steinem




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