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Indiana University Bloomington IDAH 2018 Spring Symposium

I participated in the IDAH (Institute for Digital Arts & Humanities) 2018 Spring Symposium as a HASTAC scholar. During the event, Caleb Weintraub, Associate Professor in the Indiana University Bloomington School of Art, Architecture + Design, presented as a 2017-2018 Faculty Fellow. Caleb's working process is inspiring and thought provoking--Caleb sculpts the subject matters digitally in 3D modeling software, applies color and texture to the subjects through digital rendering, and creates work that showcases two dimensional scenes. In the absence of an artist statement, the audience might not be able to link the work with such working process when observing the piece; however, the "painting" process which takes place in a vivid three dimensional manner is one of the elements that contribute to the bizarre, intriguing, and one of a kind quality of the work--thinking about how unique the end result becomes because of the innovative process, I realize that the process is as important as the subject matter, medium, as well as many other components of a work. I begin to ponder over the techniques which I have been using repetitively in my work, and I start to question whether the thought that these techniques have to be performed in their standard ways has limited the room for imagination. 


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