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Black List: New York

Black List: New York Map Screenshot

Please find below the link to a Google Maps-hosted map, entitled Black List: New York.

Black List: New York is an attempt to make present the past Cold War-era FBI surveillance of three black radical women: Claudia Jones, Gwendolyn Bennett, and Alice Childress. Alongside this map I have included a B-side essay of sorts that provides context that otherwise cannot be obtained by the map alone. 

Black List: New York



Pedro, this is a great project. It is wonderful that you made the concious decision to focus on the state sponsored survailliance of Black women activists during the 1950s and use the theoretical insights of the black women scholars we discussed in class. Wonderful, wonderful work.  


Pedro!  You map is technically and historically sophisticated, and your B Side makes it clear that you worked through hundreds of pages of archival material.  Great work!  Thanks for posting.