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Race, Cultural Heritage, and Diversity as a Buzz Word

I am really wanting to cultivate a meaningful discussion about the purpose of the 21st Century museum in a time when the very definition of what constitutes a museum is changing.   I want answer the questions, "for whom does the museum exist"?

If the museum exists for "everyone" we must responsibly and truthfully examine the ways in which organizational policies, practices, attitudes, and initiatives are or are not being wholly inclusive towards people of color.

In the United States, museums constantly use the buzzword "Diversity" as a synonym for people of color. However, due to small staff sizes, an inability to appropriately articulate why museums need to diversify, as well as, why they are considerably frequented by more whites than persons of color in the first place, other than writing diversity initiatives nothing much else is done.

  I am currently creating a research study which seeks to understand how museums are perceived by people of color both in the United States and internationally with a goal of seeking to undertstand  if musems are being inclusive enough. Whadt do you think,  "are we meeting the needs of people of color within our cultural heritage institutions"?


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