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Digital Humanities part III

My compatriot Bridget has posted the third entry in the series of interviews with people doing interdisciplinary digital humanities work at Iowa.

This time, she interviews people involved with a project near and dear to both of us. Iowa City was recently named a Unesco City of Literature. To compliment the designation a group of scholars has been developing an iPhone app that presents information about famous writer's and their time in Iowa City. The project incorporates scholars from an impressive number of departments: intermedia, computer science, english, library and information science. Plus, we've got buy in from ITS, the libraries and the International Writer's Program. Bridget's been spearheading the pedagogical aspects of the project, teaching a service learning course for her undergraduate students in which they research information to be incorporated into this class. I've been helping out with the technical aspects.

You can find out more on Bridget's blog as well as the interview she's put together:

You can check out the iPhone app at the link below. Check it out and let us know what you think!


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