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DH Grants

I’d like to piggyback on Catherine’s post regarding DH funding. The project I am working on with DSC—a digital map and AR app—is in preparation of my dissertation fieldwork—a multi-sited ethnography examining the memory affordances of technologies in the German context. I’ve been struggling this semester to find grant opportunities for the fieldwork portion of my project. So far I’ve only managed to find broad and highly competitive (read: beyond reach) national grants for the disciplines my project pulls from (e.g., sociology, anthropology, communication). I have been applying to those in the absence of alternatives; however, I feel my best shot will be with smaller niche grants related to memory studies, German studies, museum technologies, and/or digital humanities. Do any of you know of grant opportunities like these to which an individual doctoral student can apply? Beyond and Pivot, what do you use to find grant opportunities? Unfortunately, my fieldwork will not be possible without a grant, so any advice regarding DH or other grant opportunities would be much appreciated.


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Paige, besides external grants, there are internal resources to look into. Check with your dean's office, first (assuming you've checked with the MC program already), and if you still need more, go to the provost's office with a simple request for funding.