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NCSA Fellows in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Anne D. Hedeman, UIUC, Douglas Kibbee, UIUC, Sharon Tettegah, UIUC 
Session Chair and Moderator: Michael Welge, NCSA

The NCSA Fellowship Program is 10 years old. Began with release time, funding for grad students and post-docs, new equipment for UIUC faculty. Now funding faculty from different institutions, including nationally.

Ann Hedeman is an art historian and a medievalist. Specializes in the ways that images shape readings of texts about the past. History of the book, how books are made and used. 

Understanding book production through analysis of visual images. Variation in copying images.

Virtual Vellum - corpus of Froissart's chronicles. Auto-recognizing artists' hands by computational image analysis.

Doug Kibbee studies standardized languages. Seeks to understand prescriptive grammar. Rather than pouncing upon absurd rules (split infinitives, whom, etc) but instead extracting a dataset from a prescriptive grammar. Types of sources, social contexts, categories of errors, etc. How is prescription phrased? Must? Can? Should? And is there any measurable change in behavior in the target audience for these grammar guides? This replaces the stereotypical analysis of prescriptivism that has hitherto dominated linguistics.

Sharon Tettegah works on simulations of multicultural teaching. Produced a prototype of storytelling vignettes in the classroom. Discovered that 'empathy' was under-researched as tool for managing multicultural classrooms.


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