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Announcing CellCraft!

So the site has been up for a while, but we havent publicly announced the project in the gaming community until now.  CellCraft is a new Flash game that is designed to teach about cellular biology.  Now, I know what youre thinking: Not more edutainment!  Well, no fear this is a game crafted by people who love games and is enjoyable even if you learn nothing from it.  It is a blend of real time strategy, tower defense, and city planning all cast within a cellular setting.


Of course, its our goal for you to learn a lot without realizing it, which really is nothing new to gaming.  How many of you knew what a MP-5 was prior to playing Call of Duty or what a Hoplite was prior to playing Age of Empires?  When games are based in reality or history you end up picking up facts from them just by learning the rules of the game.  In our case, our game terminology and rules are based in biology, so youll end up learning what ribosomes do and how many ATP are generated by a mitochondrion from a glucose, whether you like it or not.  :)


The game was made possible by an educational grant from the Digital Media and Learning competition.  Thanks to this grant we have the resources to spend ample time on the development of the game and are very excited about the end product.  In addition to teaching about biology, the games code will be released open-source so that game developers can learn from our techniques.


We have some great talent working on the game, as you can see from the screen shots below.  Over the next few blog posts Ill be introducing the team and showing off some of their work.  As we continue development well release more screens, movies, and perhaps even a playable demo.  You can also see some very early demos in our forum (particularly in the Programming section).


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