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Pedagogy Project 2.0 Twitter Chat!

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Save the date: Pedagogy Project 2.0 Twitter Chat, March 14th from 3-4pm EST

Hi Everyone!

Recently, a few scholars an I embarked on organizing a Twitter chat. Despite my usual reluctance to do anything other than lurk and like on Twitter, I decided to broaden my horizons and face the unknown. During my past few months as a HASTAC scholar, I've come to realize how much there is still to learn for me in the digital world.

My initial thoughts regarding the chat were pretty broad. I asked myself--and eventually the GoogleDocs and Slack group--questions like the following:

What are some digital tools people are using in the undergraduate classroom? How can digital tech help enrich the generally print textual driven humanities fields? How can someone begin to implement more digital things into their regular teaching schedule?

With our amazing mentor Kalle Westerling's help, the main questions for the chat narrowed down to the following:

What does digital pedagogy look like in the undergraduate humanities classroom in 2018? What has changed/stayed the same since the first Pedagogy Project launched in 2014?

Through Kalle, I learned about some previous HASTAC scholar work with digital tools. Their Pedagogy Project has been an immensely helpful resource. As always though, there is more to learn and explore.

So, far all of you intrigued by the upcoming Twitter chat... Try to think up some questions you would like to ask or hear some answers for!  What's a favorite digital tool you like to use with your students? What have some of your most successful digital projects been? How did you learn about and how to use some digital tools? What about this current moment is impacting digital tech and teaching?

We look forward to hearing more on March 14th. For now, be sure to follow us on Twitter!

Hannah Phillips: @philliph1np

Kalle Westerling: @kallewesterling + @HASTACScholars

Corinna Kirsch: @corinnakirsch

Kylie Korsnack: @kylie_korsnack

Frankie Mastrangelo: @crankiejello




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