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Digital Pedagogy in the Traditional Literature and Gender Studies Classroom: Various Examples

This is a quick overview of a variety of different digital pedagogy exercises and assignments I have developed for my traditional literature seminars and feminist, gender and sexuality classes at Stanford this past year.  Please take a look–feedback welcome!s


Using Twitter for Crowdsourcing and Role-Play Exercises:


A Public Literary Twitter Role Play: Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray 


My Queer Valentine: A Valentine’s Day assignment on queer literature, film, the arts, and popular culture


Close Reading and Communicative-Associative Reading:


An Image and Sound Interpretation of Wilde’s poem “The Harlot’s House”

A Collective Translation and Commentary for Charles Baudelaire’s “Hymn to Beauty”

Surrealist Visual Art and Literature, Collaborative Interpretation Exercise and “Exquisite Corpse Poem”

Thinking about Queer Genders and Sexualities, Then and Now: Bringing Past and Present Together


Learning and Teaching in Public:


Students’ Final Teaching Projects for a Queer Literature and Film Class: Turning Students into Teachers (developing their own Gender and Sexuality Studies mini-course and teaching materials for community groups, high schools, other college classes)


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