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Dear community:

Thyssen Museum in Spain is preparing a great exhibition about Women's History as Heroines:

"The history of Western art is full of images of seductive, indulgent, submissive, defeated and enslaved women. But the women whom this exhibition centres on are strong women: active, independent, defiant, inspired, creative, domineering and triumphant. (...) Lists of heroines have a long history, starting with the first catalogues of famous females by Hesiod and Homer, in which women appeared only as “accessories” to the males – as the heroes’ or gods’ mothers and daughters, wives and mistresses. (...) This exhibition is also a kind of “city of ladies” - from Christine de Pizan, 1405-  centred especially on the cycle of modernity, from the 19th century to the present day. Following a non-chronological but thematic order, it explores the backgrounds and aspirations of heroines: the iconography of solitude, work, delirium, sport, war, magic, religion, reading and painting."

According to this gorgeous exhibition I have thought that it could be a great opportunity to create a new debate about those Heroines in Digital Humanities, Digital Education, New Media Art, Science and Art, etc. Media artists, thinkers, researchers, professors, etc.

Due to I am researching about women, technology and art, I would like to start remembering Augusta Ada Byron (1815-1852) who was responsible for recognizing the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine; as such she is sometimes portrayed in popular culture as the "World's First Computer Programmer."

I am also want to point out  a website I guess most of you know it already:     Women in Sciences: Certainly women were questioners and thinkers long before that. Most myths and religions place the beginnings of agriculture, of laws, of civilization, of mathematics, of calendars, time keeping and medicine into the hands of women.

I really appreciate if we create some information about contemporary new media female artists as well as another kind of information similar to the issue women - media art or digital humanities.

Thank you so much!



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