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So you earned a badge, now what? Lucas Blair and Sheryl Grant help us think about how personas can change.

Badge Curriculum Process

Lucas Blair and Sheryl Grant joined us on Teachers Teaching Teachers on Wednesday 10.26.2016 RE: A persona workshop. What opportunities can badges give?

At an LRNG Summit meeting recently, Sheryl Grant led (in her words

a short persona exercise designed by Lucas Blair of Little Bird Games that we hope to finish in the next month or so. Grantees [of Playlists for Learning] were asked to conceptualize 3-6 personas for their learners, both in terms of local learners and digital (or national) learners, and to think of these personas in terms of before they engaged the playlist, and after. Who do you become as a result of doing this playlist?

This was part of a badging exercise that we will continue to work on with Lucas, to help think through the after persona perspective as it relates to the “now what?” aspect of badges. Meaning, now that they have earned a badge, now what? Does it unlock an internship? Does it guarantee a job interview? Can the learner use it to access other privileges or gain free admission, for example? And in what ways are these personas different depending on local and digital/national and even international contexts?

Add your comments on NowComment while watching this webcast about assessment and badges. This work is especially important to the Youth Voices community because of our recent launch into "Sandboxes for Learning," in which 25 Youth Voices teachers are developing LRNG Playlists, XPs, and Badges

What an opportunity this was/is for us, whether we get badges for commenting or not! Scroll inside the frame below to find all sorts of important documents and ideas, especially Blair's Designing a badge-based curriculum.


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