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Prepare to be hoaxed!

The second week of RU Connected started off with a successful day! The students continued to add more elements to their hoax websites, editing and revising their rough drafts.  An awesome resource was introduced called CiteLighter! This free tool allows you to highlight text from an online article or text and then it appears on your personal account page with a citation! It is such a cool resource and all of the students (and the instructors) were impressed! The students used CiteLighter to complete an activity and to add more information to their own hoax websites. 

The students also learned about two new concepts: Steganography and Cryptology! These new concepts involve a form of deception concealed in codes and hidden messages.  The students completed an activity where they had to "crack" three different coded messages.  All of the students enjoyed figuring out the codes and learning how to find the hidden message.

To end the day students gathered information about deception through advertising and how consumers can be deceived.  It was interesting and intriguing to explore our views and perceptions of deception in advertising.  All of the different opinions and views made for a great camp discussion!!

As Day 4 came to a close, students ended by continuing to add to their hoax websites and apply information learned throughout the day to make their website the best it can be!


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