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Day 3 -- Welcome Additions

Day 3 arrived with morning energy! In a preview of the Tech Mentor Team, students started the day teaching one another how to log in and start creating a Weebly website. Before our scheduled time to begin website creation, students were already poking around in Weebly and adding new elements! Questions abounded: How do I put in a poll? How do I resize this image? What text should I put here? And at each step, students turned to their neighbor, and worked together to problem solve. Expect websites for pet dating, free phones, cures to back pain, and teacher reviews!

After a productive work session, we turned our attention to psychologist Oliver Sacks and the camp theme of deception. We watched his TED talk about visual hallucinations experienced by the blind. Throughout the video, students stopped to jot thoughts in their Google Docs notebook, generating questions about hallucinations and creating a summary of the lecture. The video provided another exploration, in a new format, of deception.

Other activities on Day 3 included:

  • Burgeoning Gathering Blue book discussion, with multiple connections to our theme of deception
  • Lighting Round challenges involving cities in Norway and long-living animals around the world.

Thanks to everyone for making the first week of RU Connected a success! We'll see you Monday morning. 


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