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The Source Alternate Reality Game and Connected Learning

The Source Alternate Reality Game and Connected Learning

This summer, from July through August 2013, the Game Changer Chicago (GCC) Design Lab is starting a new game project. We will post about it on our GCC Developer's Blog on a regular basis. The project we will be discussing is a narrative-driven transmedia game or Alternate Reality Game (ARG) called The Source.

The Source is an ARG that will be played by high school students (13-18 years old) on the University of Chicago campus as well as online via the game’s main hubIn the coming weeks, the story of The Source will be conveyed through transmedia means, including webisodes, tweets, Facebook posts, and voicemails coming from various characters. This game will include challenges, puzzles, and creative tasks. Players will experience The Source in small teams that compete with one another for points and will be overseen by undergraduate and graduate mentors. The game explores issues such as sustainability, health, and cyber-bullying while helping youth develop skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM). Youth will also earn badges tied to literacies in web design, video production, blogging, podcasting, and social media. We have invited colleagues in economics, education, and the social sciences to collaborate on the evaluation.

To follow The Source, check our blog every day for entries coming from game designers, youth mentors, and faculty members involved in The Source. We will offer reflections on the design, development, and implementation of the game, and its relationship to 21st century literacies and connected learning. You can also follow information about the game and the GCC Design Lab on Facebook and Twitter. The game begins today and initiates our big experiment in learning.


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